You scratched our back. We’ll scratch yours.

The 3/50 Project is big on saying “thanks.” If you put our Member Badge on your business home page, we’re more than happy to return the favor by linking from our Supporters page back to your website (and we all know that in internetspeak, links are golden).

Please complete the info below; we’ll slip over to take a peek....

You need to appear on the Supporters page first.

If you registered in the past couple of weeks, please hold off on filling out the form below until you see your name on the Supporters page (be sure to check both columns).

If you haven’t registered yet, well...gotta start there (filling out the form below will not get you listed). Click on the Jump In tab above, then complete the process. As soon as you see your listing up in the next ten days or so, come back here to complete the badge form.

By the way...big high five to you for spreading the word!

Requisite fine print: Reciprocal links only apply to badges used with the full code in tact (as shown on the Resources page), as part of the layout on your business website home page. We don’t link to blogs or to Facebook pages. Gotta keep things consistent, after all.

Also, we do not link back to e-tail only businesses without physical brick and mortar operations. Would kinda defeat the purpose, now wouldn’t it?

It may take up to two weeks for your link to appear on the Supporters page, so please be patient.
Do not submit more than one notification since duplicates slow the process down considerably.

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If it DOES NOT appear yet, please wait until after you're listed.
Otherwise, you'll just have to do this again later.

Badge must appear in the layout of your business website’s home page
(not a blog, on Facebook, or other web page), with the full code in tact.

Your home page address, including the http portion:

Will not be published; just need it in case we have a question

*Employment statistics courtesy
U.S. Labor Department 2/6/09 report;
68/43 stats courtesy Civic Economics

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