We need your help. I need your help.

The 3/50 Project began as a blog post suggesting consumers return to locally owned brick and mortars. Since then, I’ve been funding the Project out of my savings account (with the exception of a brief two-month period when a corporate sponsor helped out). Yeah, I know. Crazy. But it never occurred to me the words in that post would explode into a viral grassroots movement.

Be careful what you blog about; it might become your new unpaid job.

Since then, The 3/50 Project has garnered massive press, massive traffic...and massive bills, a big chunk of which is website hosting. Unlike a “normal” business site, our traffic alone pushes bandwidth and RAM requirements into the server stratosphere, making hefty VPS hosting a necessary evil. The days of $7.95/month are long, long gone. We’re talking more than 10x that now...per month. Plus all the other overhead that comes with running a viral grassroots campaign.

Together, we can make a difference...but we need folks to chip in.

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*Employment statistics courtesy
U.S. Labor Department 2/6/09 report;
68/43 stats courtesy Civic Economics

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